Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Christmas

Merry Christmas!

The Colvin's
Brett, Jody & Ashton

Brett took this picture of our cute little guy on Christmas Day.  He got tons of toys and some clothes.  He is one loved little guy.  He made Christmas in our home a lot different and we LOVED it.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Yes we are alive, December has been filled with lots of things going on.
  • A windstorm that blew half of our roof off, blew our fence down and ripped up our sprinkling system
  • A pipe that busted in our basement and flooded one of the rooms, causing the floor to be jack hammered up
  • As a result of above doing laundry at my moms since I can't use my washer.
  • Brett being sick
  • Ashton's first trip to Disneyland
  • Ashton being sick.
  • Sadie being sick.
And all of this BEFORE Christmas.  Let's just say our big Christmas Tree didn't get put up.  Thank goodness I have 3 smaller ones that I put up.