Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So it happened AGAIN! 8 years ago I had really bad ingrown toe nails. I went to the doctor and he did surgery on them. No harm right?? You would think that it would work right?? WRONG! After 8 years they came back. 2 months ago my feet really started hurting at first I didn't even give it much thought. I would just take off my shoes and call it good. Well it started getting worse, much worse. My feet would hurt ALL DAY! Which if you have ever had feet problems, it's the worst. So I gave in and called the doctor ( if you know me, you know that I HATE doctors). So as you can tell this was NOT something I was looking forward to. The doctor was confused on why it took so long to come back, but he said they were there and that I could either leave them or do the surgery. I voted to get it over with. So Yesterday had 2 ingrown toe nails removed. He also told me that all of my feet problem are genetic. My feet were numb until about 11:00 last night. So needless to say I am home today with my feet up and I am blogging. My feet hurt worse this time I think. The shots that they give you are HORRIBLE. If you don't believe me ask anyone who has had them. You can feel EVERYTHING go in. I asked Brett the other night why this couldn't happen in the summer. Needless to say it's snowing outside and I get to wear flip flops now until they get better. My feet have been cold now for the past couple of days so today I decided to take a pair of Toe socks that I have and cut the big toe off so that I can atleast wear socks. I thought it was a good idea that I had. Brett just shook his head and as laughing. I hope it's not like it was the last time I had this done and take MONTHS and MORE surgery to heal. As I was laying here today Kaiser was sniffing my toes (which hurt like crazy) trying to figure out why we were home in the middle of the day and why I wasn't playing with him. Brett has had the pas couple of days off to go and take pictures of some eagles. I will post some later today. He has been THE biggest blessing in my life and I am SO grateful that we are married.

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  1. I am so sorry you had to have that done again! I had to have it done before I went to Ecuador and it sucked! Hope you heal fast! Good idea on the socks!