Monday, November 2, 2009


Lets just say I HATE raccoon's.
Reason 1: Sadie got bit by one at our old house.
Reason 2: It's a lenghty story so stick with me (Brett this one is for you)
So last week while I was waiting for the bus in a brand new neighborhood, it was pitch black because of course it was 6:00 AM. I was just jamming to my ipod minding my own business, not bugging anyone, I know can you believe it??? Anyway back to my story, so just picture me all bundled up just jamming out and I see what looks like a cat come out of this yard and cross 3100 S. My very first thought was that BETTER not be a raccoon. I watched what I thought was the "Cat" slowly trot toward me, as it got closer I noticed that it's back was arched and I thought that is weird for a cat and the again I thought That BETTER not bee a raccoon. So it comes trotting even closer to me. As it got closer I noticed it wasn't a cat it was in fact a RACCOON. It came within 3 feet in front of me at the bus stop, I said some not nice words and went to move, all I could think about was poor Sadie Bug and how she got bit and I thought for sure that this raccoon was going to bite me. So I moved to my right and it scared the raccoon off. He didn't go quickly mind you, he started trotting down to the next bus stop and sure enough I heard a lady scream. So here is this raccoon out at all hours of the morning scaring the pants off of people. When I told Brett he was laughing so hard.

I am really not a slacker I am going to be posting pictures of our new home for those of you who want to see it AFTER I get all the furniture into place and pictures on the walls and boxes unloaded. We are getting more things unpacked and I swear we are NEVER moving again. We LOVE our new ward, it's about 1/8 the size of our old ward which in a way is nice. We have felt right at home and people are so nice. We miss people in our old ward, but we are loving our new ward, neighborhood and most importantly OUR home.

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