Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know that I am a little bit late, but here it is anyway. We went to Idaho for thanksgiving this year and had a fun time. Harley is HUGE to say the least he weighs in at about 200 lbs and is 10 months old. Lets just say Harley is still a puppy and likes to jump like Kaiser does to get attention. Kaiser and Sadie loved playing with him and roaming the fields. I am so thankful that we went up. I am also very thankful for everything that I have right now. The number one thing I am thankful for is Brett and for the wonderful 9 years we have been together, he is the light of my life. I am thankful for our new home. I am thankful for our dogs, I know it sounds crazy but they are part of our family. I do miss the two that aren't with us anymore. I am thankful for both of our families. I am thankful for good friends. We hope that you all had a good Thanksgiving.

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