Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A common occurance in our home at night is to go into the back yard with the dogs and just relax.  We love our back yard. We have roses, if I can keep Dusty from eating them, we have tomato plants ( with a tomato on one of them). We love to just sit out there and watch Dusty and Sadie go crazy over chasing birds.  With this warm weather all of our roses are starting to bloom, it's made our back yard look awesome. I love to just go out there and look at them and relax after a LONG day at work.  We have been helping my parents with their garden this year and it's been a little tougher with us not living right next door to the garden. Sadie love to go down to the garden with me, the other night when I went down, I turned on the sprinklers to water, I started to weed not thinking and looked up to check on sadie and she was nowhere to be found. First thing I do is panick, Second thing I do is start to look around for her, where did I find her? Sadie was laying in the middle of the WET GRASS with the sprinklers going on all around her. It was a sight to see that is for sure, she must have been hot poor Bug. Lets just say it cooled her down and let me smell wet dog all the way home.

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