Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This year we went to Brett's dad's house for Thanksgiving.  We were all there. It was fun to be surrounded with family.  I am a slacker and didn't get any pictures on Thanksgiving.  We did go and have pie at my parents house that night. 

My mom and I did the black Friday thing and all I have to say is NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I do that.  To me it wasn't worth it at all.

To top it all off my little guy was sick :( He started not feeling well a couple of days before the holiday, so off to the doctor I take him to find out he has 2 ear infections.  They put him on an antibiotic and in the midst of it all he got a COLD of all things.  So needless to say he still isn't quite up to par.  All caused by teeth.  I will be SO glad when they come in. 

The doctor's office did weigh him and measure him at his non wellness check.
Weight: 24 lbs
Height: 31.5 inch
Head: 19 in.

The little man has grown 2.5 inches in about 3 months.  No wonder he was up  screaming all of those nights.  I swear it will be a miracle when he starts sleeping ALL night.  He still wakes up once during the night for a drink and then he drifts back to sleep.  He is going to bed much earlier then he was.  He is now in bed by 8 PM and he has to be in his crib, which is going to be interesting when I go to Texas for a week in Feb he will b e staying with my Mom while I am away.

We are so glad that the Holiday's are here.  I even have my tree up and my house is decorated for Christmas.  This is the FIRST time in 12 years that Brett has let me put the tree up before Dec 1.

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