Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tax season in our house is not a good season. For the last 7 years we have had to pay both state and federal A LOT of money. This year I was trying to optimistic. It kinda worked. Last Tuesday we turned our taxes into our CPA to have them done, well on Thursday night Brett gets a call from the CPA (the dreaded call is what we have called it in the past). I heard Brett tell him "well that isn't as much as in years past" at this point I am FREAKING out. Well Brett tells me how much we owe to the state, and then he tells me the federal and he pauses and then says to me "that is what we are getting back". At first I thought they were playing a joke on me (which he loves to do) that didn't turn out to be the case. I am so excited. After paying for so long we are excited to be getting something back. This means when I go with my Parents and my brother to California I can get a massage :) just what I need. If you are reading this and you have to pay to both state and federal, I understand if you are upset. I have been there before.

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  1. A massage? How lucky for you. Congrats on NOT having to pay.