Thursday, April 2, 2009

So the last couple of weeks for me haven't been good. I have been living on VERY little sleep due to nightmares. I had to go back to the foot doctor because my one toe just wasn't getting better and what does he do? He has to numb it and pull out all this dead skin. I am hoping it's getting better, but know the kind of luck I have had lately it's not. The next night Brett was suppose to go to school but it got canceled due to a gas leak, we were both excited that he didn't have to go. So I go home and start making dinner. I was cutting up some lettuce for a salad and I cut a BIG chuck out of my finger. I stuck my bleeding finger in my mouth and ran out of the kitchen into the living room, by that time Brett came in to see what had happened. Call me a whimp but I was bawling it hurt so bad. We put a bandage and lots of gauze and pressure on it. It's slowly getting better, not as fast as I would like but that is life right? Needless to say Brett banned me from using knives. He is good to come and help me cut things up for dinner. What really sucks is it's on my index finger and I am finding I use that for EVERYTHING. Kaiser thinks I have a toy or something on my finger he keeps trying to bite it. I NEED a vacation. Luckily for me I am going to California for 12 days with some of my family. I can't wait, I even have a countdown going (that is for both you and me bug) I have also given my nieces and nephews nicknames. Sarah is my "BUG", Charlie is my "Monkey" Cooper is my "Coop" and I am still thinking of one for Ashley, and it's going to be GREAT! just like she is :)

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  1. Just rub it in that you are going on vacation without me. You know, you only have a good time when I'm there. Also, I didn't see nicknames for Trev, Nat & Port???? What give AUNT Jody?