Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Update.

I went to the Doctor last Friday and found out I "get" to take more iron.  As the doctor put it " he is sucking everything out of you."  So I started taking iron and didn't think anything of it, I thought he was just making up that I would have more energy.  I have to take my pre-natal vitamins at the opposite time of the day that I take my iron.  WELL yesterday I forgot to take my vitamins and I found out just how much that little boost of iron helps me. I have learned that the doctor WAS right. Imagine that.  I got to hear my little guy as well and it amazes me that there is a human inside of me. The doctor told me he has a healthy heartbeat. I am now at almost 33 weeks which is CRAZY to me.  I am now down to going every 2 weeks, my belly has really grown over the past couple of days.  This little guy loves to move.  I was sitting in a meeting today and my boss was talking and all the baby would do it move and kick, as soon as my boss stopped talking the baby stopped moving. So either one of two things, he loves my boss or he hates him  only time will tell I guess.  We are also having a bet on if he will come early, on time or late. 

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