Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Months!


I can't believe that you are Seven months old already.  I just seems like yesterday that we were headed to the hospital and the doctor handed you to me.  You just looked up to me and your dad with so many questions in your eyes.  You still have so many questions in your eyes when you look at us.  You have figured out how to sit up and you LOVE it.  You love going to be with Nana Ranch all day long. In fact you demand that you see her everyday and if you don't you are grouchy.  You are having a hard time getting your two bottom teeth in and it's made you clingy and grouchy and you like to just cry at times.  You LOVE to see your Daddy.  Every night when we get home and you see your Daddy you kick your legs and start laughing.  You love to talk, spit and blow bubbles.  You are loving bath time at night and sit there and kick and giggle.  You LOVE Dusty and Sadie.  When they close to you, you will start to laugh.  If Sadie doesn't come right away to see you, you will whine until she comes over so you can pet her and pull on her ears.  Dusty loves to lick your hands and have you pet him.  You will light up when I walk into a room and kick your legs.  Your favorite toy is your binky.  You are doing okay at sleeping at night, I think once your teeth come in you will be back to sleeping all night. 

Your Dad and I are so glad that you are in our family.
We Love you little buddy.

Mom and Dad.

He really wanted to help me with his laundry one night and he also loves sitting in his bumbo at the kitchen table.

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