Monday, August 30, 2010


About 4 weeks ago I called our home warranty company because our dishwasher was having some issues. It smelled like burning plastic and it wasn't draining.  So they give me a claim number and tell me that someone will call me. The company did call and the service man said he would be out the following Friday between 10 and 12.  He didn't show up until 2. Lets just say I wasn't pleased. He looked at our dishwasher and told me I was up in the night about it not draining and that the heating element was broken and he needed to order the part. He turned the dishwasher on and halfway through the cycle it stops and wouldn't drain. I tried to call the service man to have him come back and he wouldn't answer his phone. 3 weeks after that first appointment(and me calling the home warranty company) he comes back.  THIS time he tells me that we have a leak and our dishwasher has to be replace. Which I am fine with if he would have told us this 4 weeks ago. So here we are 4 weeks with NO dishwasher-except for me, waiting for the home warranty place to call so we can get a new one ordered. I will be SO glad when we get our new one.

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