Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Yeah!

Two things for today's post.
First off when I got home last night and got the mail there was a teen vogue in the mailbox with my name on it. This isn't the first time I have gotten one. I didn't sign up for them they just randomly started appearing. Well when I looked on the cover I knew who I was going to give it to, you see it had Justin Bieber on the cover. I instantly recalled a conversation Ashley and I had on Saturday. She was telling me about all the things she had gotten for her birthday and she got so excited when she told me about this Justin Bieber thing that she got. So I put the magazine next to my purse to take down to her. Well I had to go to my parents house last night to help my dad out and I called Marla to tell her that the magazine would be there and she let me hear Ashley, Sarah and Charlies reactions. It was PRICELESS.

Second, this morning on my way to work I got off the bus grabbed a little orange flag and began crossing the street. Traffic going south stopped for me and a car going north stopped. No sooner did I get almost to the end of the car there was another car who zoomed past didn't even stop. If I hadn't have been paying attention I would have been hit. The guy was going faster then the speed limit too. Good thing there was a cop in front of him. I hope he got pulled over.

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