Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bikes and Teeth

This is Ashton's bike that he got for his birthday from Papa Lee and Nana Tera.  He loves is, it has all the bells and whistles on it. He likes to steer his bike and have the blinkers go off.  On a side note he has been way fussy, had a runny nose, a little cough, his eyes have been watering oh and lets not forget the drool or the lack of sleep for everyone in our house.  Well last night while we were playing in the backyard he let me have a peek in his mouth and I found what I thought was happening, I thought he was trying to cut some teeth.  I thought he was trying to cut his bottom teeth, but boy was I wrong.  Upon seeing in this little man's mouth I discovered that his bottom gums on the left were swollen like a couple are getting ready to come through and there on the top in the BACK of his mouth was a MOLAR that had cut.  I was shocked.  No wonder he has been so miserable lately.   He has also learned how to pull himself up on the furniture and walk along it ONLY if he wants to. He is now know as the destructor in our home.  He was make a mess in a heartbeat and is usually good at helping me pick things up.  He loves any book or magazine that has a pup pup in it( that is what he calls our dogs).  He has also become best friends with Dusty, the other night he took away Dusty's bone he was chewing on to give it to Sadie.  I guess it made the blow less for Dusty since Ashton was laughing the whole entire time.

 The best was last night, we were at my parent's house and my dad was trying to get Ashton to share a gold fish with him, so my dad starts opening and closing his had telling Ashton that he wanted a fish, at first Ashton would take the fish and pound it in my dad's hand but he would never release the fish, well all of the sudden after the fifth time of my dad opening and shutting his had Ashton just looked at him and said bye bye and waving at the same time.  We busted up laughing,
 We sure do love this little guy he brings so much joy into our lives.

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